Municipal Advisory Services (Cancelled)

Bid Holders

Name Company Phone
Andi Beebe PFM Financial Advisors LLC 2068585368
bid research IMS 8584908800
Richard Boyle WSP 5033120500
Lloyd Gronning CPGMS 12086990801
Steve Walse SevenOutsource 03153087852
Jessica Miller Baird 4147653877
Robert Loffink U.S. Bank 503-464-4626
Lauren MacMillan Piper Sandler
Eric Johnson North America Procurement Council 3024501923
Bid Clerk Prime Vendor 9108059630
Craig Hrinkevich Baird 9084009416
Stephen E. Anderson Baird 704-553-6620
Krista deMello Sperry Capital 4157299348
Jordan Henderson Merina+Co 5037230300
Grant Kendall Edward Jones 503.362.0011
Brian Scott BDS Planning & Urban Design 2069716030
Holly Hill Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc.
Namrata Pathak Deloitte LLC 5037273018
Kelly Wheeler DAY CPM
Jennifer Schmitz Clear Water Services 6168620311
Brooke Harrison Tetra Tech 5038908108
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