Fernhill Natural Treatment System Proj. 6699-Conceptual Design Engineering Services

Bid Holders

Name Company Phone
Michelle Mann Clean Water Services 503-547-8035
Caroline Phillips HDR
Jeff Hart Clean Water Services
Peri Siepman West Yost Associates 530.792.3280
Tana Bishop Contractor Plan Center 503-650-0148
Janie Berg Murraysmith 5032259010
Lynsie Choi PACE Engineers, Inc. 5035973222
Preston Van Meter Murraysmith 503.784.9536
Quin Benzel EnviroIssues 2062695041
Bid Clerk Prime Vendor 8007469554
Plan Room DJC Project Center 5032740624
Bid Clerk Prime Vendor 8007469554
Amy Baur Stillwater Sciences 5032679006
Lyra de Asis North America Procurement Council, Inc. PBC
Miranda Jimerson Tri-City Construction Council 509-582-7424
Becky Connelly Tetra Tech, Inc. 503.684.9097
Nick Meusch Elcon Associates Inc. 9712491521
Barb Anderson Convergence Architecture 5033081028 x104
Chalene Macon SWCA Environmental Consultants
Samantha Link Spokane Regional Plan Center 509-328-9600
Lynn Enebrad BergerABAM 206-431-2300
Catie Draney Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. 503 224 3445
Judith Edwards GreenWorks, PC 5032225612
RoVawn Rouse Kennedy/Jenks Consultants 503-754-2913
Kim Coxe Environmental Science Associates
Kristi S Salem Contractors Exchange 5033627957
Kathleen Strecker Evergreen Engineering 5414844771
Ho-ping Wei Black & Veatch 503-443-4439
Chris Keller Wetland Solutions, Inc. 3864629286
Eric Wiediger Clear Creek Environmental Solutions 7173075151
Kurt Pitzter Bidnet 8006771997
Kaitlyn Price Shannon & Wilson
Jim Coskey JBI Water & Wastewater 5416091367
Kelly Toynton Dudek 503-332-8639
Jeff Handley Green Banks LLC (503) 939-3260 cell
Pete Munoz Biohabitats 8025982372
Farid Sariosseiri McMillen Jacobs Assocites
Kelli A Grover FIRWOOD DESIGN GROUP, Llc 5036683737
Jessica Hardesty Norris Biohabitats 2406783712
Sean Pennington Roots Floor Coatings 3607873085
Erica Haide Brown and Caldwell 503.820.5570
Bid Clerk Prime Vendor 8007469554
Deborah Vere Biohabitats Inc 667-401-8496
Ebonie Bender Black & Veatch
Prime Vendor Prime Vendor 8007469554
Terra Sterlace Envirobidnet
Anya Baniqued Goble Sampson 4253920491
Andy Sherwood Clean Water Services 5036813600
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