Bull Mountain Trunk Improvements Request for Proposals

  • Opens 12/15/2017
  • Closes 1/11/2018
  • Status Results Posted

Sealed Proposals will be received for Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) services for the Bull Mountain Trunk Improvements Project No. 6884 (Project) from Proposers at the office of Clean Water Services (District) located at 2550 SW Hillsboro Hwy., Hillsboro, OR 97123, until 2:00 P.M. local time, on January 11, 2018. Envelopes must be sealed and plainly marked “Bull Mountain Trunk Improvements Project No. 6884,” addressed to the attention of Brad Crement P.E., Project Manager, and must include on the outside of the envelope: (1) the Proposal due date and time; (2) the Proposer’s name and address; and (3) the Proposer’s Construction Contractor’s Board license number. Any Proposals received after the specified time and date may be subject to rejection at District’s discretion. No facsimile or electronically transmitted Proposals will be accepted. The Proposals will not be publicly opened or read aloud.
District is seeking Proposals from CM/GC Contractors with demonstrated experience in CM/GC project delivery to self-perform the replacement of live large-diameter sanitary sewer trunks within natural resource areas and high traffic areas. A brief summary of work for each phase is provided in the attached Request for Proposals (RFP) (a more detailed description is included in the CM/GC Contract attached to the RFP). Generally the Project includes the following components:
  • Preconstruction services such as constructability review, estimating, scheduling, and general assistance to Design Engineer for preparing permits, easements, and finalizing design documents.
  • Replacement and upsize of approximately 4,400 linear feet of live sanitary sewer pipe, referred to as Segment A (Segment A begins at the intersection of SW Fischer Road and SW 131st Avenue and extends south down SW 131st Avenue to a point approximately 400 feet south of SW Bedford Street, then east along the Tualatin River to District’s King City Siphon located at the southern end of SW 122nd Avenue). The existing pipe ranges from 18 inches to 27 inches and is a mix of plastic and concrete with several live service laterals. The lower half is installed at minimum slope and is located within resource areas on private property along the Tualatin River. The upper half is located in SW 131st Avenue Right-of-Way.
  • Replacement and upsize of approximately 3,300 linear feet of live sanitary sewer pipe and approximately 2,200 linear feet of new sanitary sewer pipe, referred to as Segment E (Segment E begins near the intersection of SW Myrtle and SW Beef Bend Road and extends east on SW Beef Bend Road to SW 131st Avenue, then south on SW 131st Avenue to the intersection of SW Fischer Road). The existing pipe ranges from 8 inches to 18 inches and is mainly plastic with several live service laterals. Most of
    Segment E is located in Right-of-Way (SW 131st Avenue and SW Beef Bend Road), with one portion cutting across the Deer Creek Elementary School field.
  • The estimated construction cost of the Project is $3.5 million.
District wishes to hire the CM/GC early in the development of the Project to benefit from, among other things, the CM/GC’s assistance in Project planning. Services will be provided in two phases: Phase I, preconstruction services, and Phase II, construction services as described in the attached RFP. District intends to negotiate the price for each phase separately. Phase I is anticipated to occur this winter with Phase II services to occur summer of 2018. The CM/GC will provide preconstruction services throughout the design of the Project. At the completion of the design, or at any point in the preconstruction phase, prior to the completion of design, as requested by District, the CM/GC will be required to provide a proposed Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to act as the CM/GC for the construction and assume the risk of delivering the Project on schedule at or under the GMP. Issuance of a GMP Amendment by District and Notice to Proceed will initiate the construction phase, which will include construction of the Project.

The RFP, which includes the Contract Documents, may be downloaded from the District’s website at http://www.bids.cleanwaterservices.org/. Prospective Proposers will need to sign in and provide certain information to download the RFP. Information provided will be accumulated for a Bid Holder’s List. Prospective Proposers are responsible for obtaining any Addenda from District’s website listed above. Prospective Proposers may subscribe to District’s Open Solicitations RSS feed at the same website and will be notified when an Addendum to or clarifications of the RFP have been posted. If you experience problems downloading the RFP or wish to make arrangements to view a copy of the RFP or ask any questions regarding document distribution, Proposers may contact Heather Speight, whose information is provided below.

District is using a multi-step selection process:
  • Step 1: Proposers shall submit Proposals that include the information requested in the RFP. District will review and score Proposals.
  • Step 2: District intends to hold interviews with the two highest-scoring Proposers. District reserves the right to adjust the number of Proposers interviewed based on the quality and number of Proposals received. District will notify the two highest-scoring Proposers of the interview date and time following Proposal submittal. District will score the interviews. District also reserves the right to schedule a follow-up interview and/or confidential meetings with Proposers, as needed, for making selection.
District will enter into final negotiations with the Proposer with the highest combined score from Steps 1 and 2. If District is unable to reach agreement with a Proposer, then District may cease negotiations and proceed with negotiations with the next highest scoring, responsive Proposer(s), and so on until an agreement is reached or the District terminates the process. The award of the CM/GC Agreement will be subject to the approval of District’s Board of Directors, if required.
The Proposal requirements, detailed procurement process description, Schedule, and evaluation criteria are contained in the RFP.
The Proposer shall guarantee the entire Proposal for a period of 90 calendar days from the date of submittal.
Direct communications on administrative issues, such as viewing and obtaining the RFP and the Bid Holder’s List, to:
Clean Water Services
Heather Speight
2550 SW Hillsboro Hwy.
(503) 681-5109
Direct communications on all other issues relating to this RFP to District’s Point of Contact:
Clean Water Services
Brad Crement, P.E.
2550 SW Hillsboro Hwy.
(503) 681-4426
Prior to submitting its Proposal, Proposers shall be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board as required by ORS 701.021, and thereafter comply with the requirements of ORS chapter 701 with respect to licensing. Prevailing wage rates must be paid by Proposer and any subcontractor on the Project in accordance with ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870. Bidders need not be licensed under ORS 468A.720 (regarding licensing of contractors on projects involving asbestos abatement). Proposers and subcontractors will be required to have a public works bond filed with the Construction Contractors Board before starting work on the Project unless there is an applicable exemption under ORS 279C.836(4), (7), (8), or (9).
Proposers shall be qualified in accordance with the applicable provisions of ORS chapters 279A and 279C in order to submit a proposal for public work in Oregon.
District reserves the right to cancel this solicitation or reject any Proposal that does not comply with all prescribed public bidding procedures and requirements, including the requirement to demonstrate the Proposer’s responsibility under ORS 279C.375(3)(b) as that term is used in any applicable District’s Purchasing Rules and ORS 279A.010(1)(r). District may reject any Proposal in accordance with ORS 279C.395 and for good cause any Proposals after finding that doing so is in the public interest.

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This solicitation has closed. Thank you for your interest!

Bid Results

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6884 NOITA.pdf Intent To Award 83.7 KB 1/24/2018
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