ITB - Rock Creek Digesters No. 5 and 6 Valve Improvements Project No. 7090

Bid Holders

Name Company Phone
Ross Meyer R.L. Reimers Company 971-304-5661
Mark Erickson Rotschy Inc 3603343100
Miranda Jimerson Tri-City Construction Council
L Heberlein DJC 2066228272
Casey Lipe 3606011547
Bid Clerk Prime Vendor 9108059630
Jeremy Moritz Eugene Builders Exchange 5414845331
Estimating Department JAMES W. FOWLER CO. 5036235373
Brint DeVilling Stellar J Corporation 360-225-7996
Brie Kidwell Contractor Plan Center 5036500148
Lori SCE 5033627957
John Ogorsolka McClure and Sons, Inc. 4253166999
Mark Boyter Boyter Brothers, LLC 3609470156
Dodge Dodge Dodge Data & Analytics 8777849556
Jill Redfern 2KG Contractors, Inc. 5034892020
Eric Johnson North America Procurement Council, Inc. PBC 3024501923
Rick Blankenship DSL Builders 503-871-4042
Vanessa Mora Slayden Constructors, Inc. 14582126018
Rich Owens Owens Pump & Equipment 5034208390
Christopher Rodriguez The Automation Group 5413593755
Megan Verdoorn Contractor Plan Center 5036500148
Mary Mills Willamette Fence Co., Inc. 5032852761
Michael Landis Landis & Landis Construction, LLC 9257885857
Walter Beach Core And Main 5036209123
Bruce Knadler HD Fowler Co 5413167019
Plan Room DJC Project Center 5032740624
Don Easter Purcell Painting & Coatings 4254444113
Ericka Day Synagro Technologies 772-971-6286
Brandon Hageman R.L. Reimers Co. 15412232055
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