Durham Lime System Modifications Project No. 6980

Bid Holders

Name Company Phone
Plan room DJC Project Center +1 05032740624
Justin Colton OCD Automation Inc. 5038072085
Terra Sterlace Envirobidnet 8888880900
Vanessa Mora Slayden Constructors, Inc. 14582126018
Lori Cooley Salem Contractors Exchange 5033627957
Megan Verdoorn Contractor Plan Center 5036500148
Mark Erickson Rotschy, Inc. 3603343100
Jason Pitts Five Star Electric 9712463134
Mary Mills Willamette Fence Co., Inc. 5032852761
Ross Meyer R.L. Reimers Company 971-304-5661
Brint DeVilling Stellar J Corporation 3602257996
Miranda Jimerson Tri City Construction Council 5095827424
Robyn Stevens Spokane Regional Plan Center 509-328-9600
Mac Costas Prospice Builders 4803269219
Adam Bouman Dodge Data & Analytics (877)784-9556
Jeremy Moritz Eugene Builders Exchange 5414845331
Bid Clerk Prime Vendor 9108059630
John Ogorsolka McClure and Sons, Inc. 425-316-6999
Teresa Corrington TMG Services Inc 253-344-3912
Estimating Department JAMES W. FOWLER CO. 5036235373
Plan Center Administration Abadan Plan Center 15097472964
Dave Bobbett Whitney Equipment 3605580784
Sarah J Wright Extreme Coatings, inc., dba ECI Services 509-545-0570
Michelle Wee Dodge Data & Analytics 4135513196
Vern Gardner Clackamas Construction 5039336496
Diane J. Chartier Douglas Plan Center 541.440.9030
Bob McDonald Wildish Building Co. (541) 683-7759
Tyler Steele EATON
Eric Bergmann Advanced Mechanical Inc.
Rick Blankenship DSL Builders, LLC 503-871-4042
Trevor Spires HP Civil 5035079884
Sera Mattson Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce 206-622-8272
Morgan Stinson constructconnect 8003642059
John Schminky Motus Group USA 303-518-8991
Douglas Allie Goble Sampson 2069998436
Anabel Barbosa Nationwide Tank and Pipe 8303874027
Greg Carroll Hamer Electric, Inc. 3606362227
Kim Batiste Wm H Reilly & Co 503-223-6197
Jim Coskey JBI Water & Wastewater 15416091367
Benjamin E Perry Landis Corporation dba Landis Consulting 5035809600
Jill Redfern 2KG Contractors, Inc. 5034892020
Brie Kidwell Contractor Plan Center 5036500148
Don Easter Purcell Painting & Coatings 4254444113
dodge dodge 8777849556
Pamela Chakraborty The Blue Book Building and Construction Network 8004312584
Carissa Salese The Blue Book 8004312584
Tim Rondeau CWS 503-568-3611
Rich Morgan Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc. 425-258-1303
Vince Guymon Long Painting 5035229438
Tomm Frungillo Imperial Systems 3362099270
Joe Krudys Acrison, Inc.
Sharon CWS 503.547.8168
Dennis Clean Water Services
JJ Macedo DSL Builders 5033630202
James Miles Applied Specialties 9514545067
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