Moss Street Sanitary Sewer Local Improvement District, Project No. 6984

Bid Holders

Name Company Phone
Ben Nordland CWS
Kristy Watson Abadan Plan Center 5097472964
Heather Speight Clean Water Services
Miguel Ayala Long Painting 5035051666
Megan Verdoorn Contractor Plan Center 5036500148
Sera Mattson Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce 2066228272
John Kalkhoven Rio Underground Construction, 5037068288
Bid Clerk Prime Vendor 9108059630
Plan Room DJC Project Center 5032740624
Lori Cooley SCE 5033627957
Nikki Diez Construct connect 3236025079
Michael Cochran Pihl, Inc. 5033246210
Joseph Koglin Core & Main 5036209123
John Fowler James W. Fowler Co. 503-623-5373
Walter Beach Consolidated Supply Co 5036207050
Martin Wedeking Truney Excavating, Inc. 971-772-4376
Nica Borbajo North America Procurement Inc. PBC 9707125588
Carissa Salese The Blue Book 8004312584
Robyn Stevens Spokane Regional Plan Center 509-328-9600
Jeremy Moritz Eugene Builders Exchange 5414845331
Martha Lantz Construction Bid Source 8887869450
Camille Hanson Braun Construction and Design, LLC 5036386405
Heather Dower MBE 5417735327
Miranda Jimerson Tri-City Construction Council
Anthony Morales Cascade Integration and Development 541-678-5070 x166
Jeff PCR Inc 5037236480
Nick Curcio AIMS Companies 503-545-9640
Eric Johnson North America Procurement Inc. PBC 3024501923
kurt pitzer bidnet 8006771997
Mike Lyda Lyda Excavating, Inc. 5033187396
Terrin Davis Just Bucket Excavating 5033643550
Andrew Chisholm Pacific Excavation Inc 5034304670
rebecca douglas plan center 5414409030
Jeffrey Cox P C R INC 5037236480
Kim Gibbs Pacific Testing & Inspection 360-736-3922
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